Manage the app
By clicking on the app, will bring you to your App setup and there you have options to preview your sections, add new sections and change the basics like changing the app images, name, package id.
If you want to change the order of how the section is listed you can do that by drag and drop the section like in the picture below.
Add section
By clicking on Add section you can add the additional section that you need. You have 2 options of sections
    Master-detail views - events, shop, food menu, recipe, gallery, radio and general ( the one that you want to customize according to your needs).
    Specific views - folder section, cart, orders, user profile, user list, map, notifications, scanner, web view, links list.
When you click on the section it should appear an alert that says that new section in successfully added, just like at the picture below.
Section settings
By clicking on the gear icon in the section, this is the settings icon, it will open a completely new view where you can select different setup for this menu. Look at the picture below.
When you click on the icon it should open a view like this one in the picture below.
Here you can change:
    Basic setup:
    show category
    is this menu root
    list style
    name of the menu
      Categories setup
      Listing setup
      Details setup
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